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Vector Helicopter propeller illustrator clouds gradient MASH M*A*S*H

Cloud-piercing Copter – By Alex Amiot


Thank you, Brush Tool

Helicopters these days are unnecessarily bulky, overly detailed, and too heavily weaponized.

Especially if you’re trying to draw one.

I set out to draw a helicopter for my son. The M*A*S*H series came to mind as I drew a bubble below and to the right of a couple sets of propellers.

My faint memory of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital’s helicopter was closer to reality than I would have guessed. After finishing the illustration of the helicopter, complete with color gradients and a cloud-piercing runner, I googled the M*A*S*H copter and felt rather impressed with myself.


O Crookston school district, you must have thought yourself successful in thwarting my creativity and innate artistic abilities by cutting art class before I reached 7th grade. Well, perhaps you were, but at least I can draw a helicopter.

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