Baby Pee and Apple Tree

Posted: 24th September 2012 by Alex Amiot in Adobe Illustrator, Parenthood
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Vector Apple Tree Mushrooms Revolve Illustrator Nature

I pump when I swing – by Alex Amiot

My little boy peed on me twice in one diaper change. Speaking of the 16th letter, by drawing a shape with some semblance to the letter “P” and applying Illustrator’s 3D Revolve effect, you’ll get what almost looks like a tree.

After “expanding” the shape’s appearance like my son expands his diaper, I selected the trunk and gave it a couple shades of brown, leaving the treetop green.

A smaller “p,” something my son has not yet discovered, yielded a mushroom-like shape. When decreased in scale, it was quite convincing next to the towering Oak.

The Oak became an Apple Tree when I revolved a red shape similar to the letter “C,” and threw a few of them into the branches.

Hills, sky, and clouds, being the easiest landscape features to draw in the history of world art, were applied to the back and foreground. A few more mushrooms and a river left only one item outstanding.

Inspired by my Uncle David and his progeny, I hung a swing among the apples. I forgot how to turn the image into a GIF, as I had previously learned and demonstrated, so it took an exorbitant amount of snooping around Photoshop’s menus and options before I rediscovered the process. Such is life without an internet connection.

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