Not a real eclipse - Made in Adobe Illustrator by Alex Amiot

Heads up Fargo, here comes a solar eclipse.

If you’re in town (that is, anywhere west of the Appalachians) this weekend, grab your solar-filter glasses and look to the west.

No one gets a total eclipse this time, not even the folks within the blue lines on the map below.  The moon’s elliptical orbit has taken it pretty far from earth, making this Sunday’s eclipse is an annular one, with the moon appearing to be 6% smaller than Sun.

If you want to read a pleasing piece about this event from someone who actually knows about extraterrestrial astronomic happenings, read this post from Astro Bob.

Fargo/Moorhead will see the moon covering two-thirds of the sun shortly after 8pm on Sunday, May 21, 2012.  The date on the NASA/Google map indicates May 21 because the eclipse will occur after midnight, Universal Time (UT).

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–> talks about May and June eclipses and the upcoming Venus transit
–>  NASA is the eclipse predicting over-achiever


5/20/12 Annular Eclipse Info with Fargo, ND specifics (66% max eclipse). I added the Fargo sidebar on the left. Credit: NASA

  1. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I wonder where I could get my hands on a welding helmet. I used my dad’s about 30 years ago to see a total eclipse. It was awesome.