Double-hung. By Alex Amiot

Andersen, a single window pane, looked out from his frame on the sixth day of construction, thankful to have found his place in the blueprint.  He (a man window) let out a melancholy creak as the thoughts of loneliness returned.

Other household objects their mates.  Andersen’s 3rd cousins once removed, the double-casement windows, came in pairs.  There was the french door duo.  The construction worker looking through Andersen’s argon-filled panes had headphones that came in a pair.

Andersen was alone.  With hope fleeting, he felt his frame jostle slightly as Owen the earbud’d construction worker snapped something above him in the frame.

Andersen was not alone.  The mighty construction worker had provided a mate.


By Andersen’s replacement in the year 2082, his mate had only come to visit him six times.  He, on the other hand, had visited her (a woman window) every sunny summer day until the era of air conditioning dawned in 2015.  In the years of air conditioning he still made visits when the high was 75, but they were never as special as when she would come down to his level.

When the food would be in the oven too long, the smoke detector would have his (a man smoke detector) say.  The father (a man human) would holler to his children to go to their rooms and open the windows from the top.  It was rare, but it sure was neat.

Blessed occurrence, top pane is mine.  Oh what a foretaste of glory divine.


Give your top pane a good tug downward. Your window might be twice as awesome as you think.

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    Double-hung mythology « Signs of Improvement

  2. Nard Dawg says:

    Fun story i reaallly enjoyed your imaginative take on everyday items!!

  3. Nancy says:

    Oh my goodness… I had to read this twice.

    Well, I really like my double hungs, thanks for putting them in. Also, blessed assurance Jesus is mine.


    • Alex Amiot says:

      I’m glad they’re working for you mom. Hopefully we have another nice summer so you can use your windows more than your air conditioning.