College Graduation Reception Announcement Invitation

Come Hungry. Made in Adobe Illustrator by Alex Amiot. Photo credit: Ben Nash Photography

It’s mid-April. If you’re late in the game, you’re doing your taxes. If you’re on top of your game, you’re planning a graduation reception.

I’m doing both. Game on.

Because of my aversion to paying others to do what I can do myself, and because of the fun I’ve been having with Adobe Illustrator lately, I tried my hand at crafting my own graduation announcement.  With the use of a picture from Ben Nash Photography and four newly downloaded fonts from, the process was rather straightforward.

What I am also hoping will be straightforward is the reception.  I’ve never had utopic ideas of how my college graduation reception should turn out, so little should be required to satisfy.  Just some food, family, and friends.  All I need is a friendly gathering to celebrate the cessation of homework.

  1. Nancy Amiot says:

    Or is that a B.A.? Is communication an art or a science? :)

    • Alex Amiot says:

      That would be a B.S. A second language makes a B.A. and a minor makes a B.S. at NSDU. I’m glad you notice my practiced penmanship. I have the downloadable fonts at to thank for that. :)

  2. Nancy Amiot says:

    When you have your B.S. and want to earn a little extra cash you should offer to teach Adobe Illustrator somehow. I can tell you have learned a lot on you own.

    I noticed your perfect penmanship and it reminded me of the first graders who are excited to learn cursive in the 2nd grade, but by the time they are 6th graders have abandoned it. Seems how you actually write in cursive, it makes you somewhat original.

    Congratulations on your successful college years coming to a conclusion. Good job!