Green Grass and Gray Hair

Posted: 23rd March 2012 by Alex Amiot in Adobe Illustrator
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Vector Grass Spells Spring Notepad Effect

Grass Spells Spring - Made in Adobe Illustrator by Alex Amiot

As I turned to lock the door on my way to class yesterday it occurred to me that I won’t be doing this much longer.  Soon I’ll be done with classes altogether.  Then what?

Without waiting to answer myself I headed down the stairs and out the door, stepping into a beautiful spring afternoon.  The longboard dropped to the sidewalk and I kicked off toward campus for the day’s second round of classes.

As a Minnesotan I used to say that sunny days like this were a primary reason I loved the state.  After crossing the border and changing residencies, I am pleased to say that North Dakota’s climate is pretty much the same.  Go figure.  I now use a less state-specific descriptor to express my regional pleasure with days like today.  The Red River Valley – the valley of my birth, rearing, and graying.

I’m not sure what to think about my gray hair.  They show up most distinctly after a haircut.  Out of maybe 100,000 hairs I find one or two gray ones each week – that’s .000015 percent of my head coverage.  My wife finds more of my light locks than I do.  She  might suggest a higher percentage.

While my hair is getting grayer the grass is getting greener.  I’ll take that deal.

[I made today’s illustration by following this sweet tutorial.  The spikey grass comes from an oddly named effect called pucker and bloat.  That effect turned out to be extremely RAM intensive and Illustrator crashed several times.  Make a change save a change.]