Curled Hjemkomst In Rain Red River Atlantic Ocean Viking Ship Moorhead

Hjemkomst in Rain, Bow and Stem Curled from Captivity - Made in Adobe Illustrator by Alex Amiot

Dear Fargo/Moorhead Authorities:

Please update our bridges.

Cyclists, pedestrians, trains, and automobiles successfully cross the bridges connecting Fargo and Moorhead daily.  But what if Moorhead’s Viking ship, the Hjemkomst (pronounced Yem-komst), escapes from its lair at the Hjemkomst Center and fancies a vacation to Winnipeg?  A ship like that deserves a fair amount of autonomy, and Fargo/Moorhead’s waterways just aren’t prepared for such a getaway.

Please consider aerial lift bridges.

If the Scandinavian vessel enters the Red just north of 1st Avenue and meanders past Viking Ship Park, it will encounter Amtrak’s track just around the river bend.  The only path I see around the track for the Viking Ship is for it to claim its Viking Ship rights and bypass the bridge using the Moorhead Viking Ship Park Bike Trail.

I bet the Hjemkomst would sail just fine under Stillwater’s new bridge.

I’m sure the late marine architect Bob Asp would have agreed that a bike trail is no place for a proud Viking ship.  Once returning to the Red from the bike trail, the walking bridge at Oak Grove is the Hjemkomst’s next obstacle.  My advice for the ship at this point would be to wait until the flood of 2013 when the water is high enough to sail above the bridge.

A successful voyage of the Hjemkomst on Fargo/Moorhead’s stretch of the Red River will require five awesome bridges.  Please get on that.

By using the bike path and taking advantage of inevitably high water, the Hjemkomst can hope to conquer its first two obstacles.  I shudder to think of the trials the ship would undergo to pass the bridges of 12th-15th Avenue, North Broadway, and Wall Street Avenue.  Not to mention the bridges north of Fargo/Moorhead.

And don’t even suggest lowering the mast for every bridge.  That’s ridiculous.



  1. Nancy Amiot says:

    Way to get so many subjects in one blog! The aerial bridge is cool and it is neat to see it raised for a ship to pass underneath, but you will work harder than Stillwater for another one to be built! Nice waves! It is so realistic I thought I was looking at a photograph.