No Money for Groceries

Posted: 25th February 2012 by Alex Amiot in Adobe Illustrator
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Vector water drops and ripples

A dollar here, a dollar there. Just another drop in the budget bucket.

We don’t have money for groceries.

For the first time in our marriage, Julia and I have started living on a budget.  A week into February, after tracking our spending for a few months we finally nailed down the amount we wanted to budget for food, clothing, gasoline, utilities, entertainment, savings, etc.

Unfortunately for us, we had already gone on a grocery run in February.  Since we weren’t on our budget at that point, we bought extra things and spent more than we needed to spend.

While our first grocery run in February was financed by freely spending from the checking account, I’m pretty sure that all subsequent purchases in February were based on our budget.  But now that February is nearing its end, that first trip to the grocery store has come back to haunt us.  The budgeted grocery line has been depleted.

Live and learn I guess.

The wonderful thing about budgeting is that even if money runs out in one category, it may still be available somewhere else.  That’s not to say you should spend grocery money on entertainment, but even a zero in the grocery fund doesn’t mean you are destined to starve until March.

So what can we do?  We don’t have grocery money left in the budget and we are running low on refrigerator reserves.  I suppose we could abandon the budget and just go buy some bread, but where is the principle in that?  As I see it we only have one option:  Eat out.

It just so happens that some cash remains in the entertainment fund.  So for the rest of February we can’t afford milk and bread, but we can certainly handle pizza and root beer.  Budgeting CAN be fun!

[I made today’s image in Adobe Illustrator, following step by step a Vector Tuts Plus tutorial.]

  1. Alex Amiot says:

    Hahaha, thanks Grandma. Mom informed me of the outstanding check just this past weekend. The search is on!

  2. Dorothy Bergh says:

    To my poor starving children: Look in the pockets of coats, pants, billfolds. Perhaps you will find a twenty dollar check I gave you in August. You won’t get any more until you either cash that check or tell me it is lost! Love, Grandma Bergh Good for you to make a budget.