Motley Challenge - Vector Wheat Stock

Immature Bread

*Child: Where does wheat come from?
Adult: Fields.
Child:  Why not gardens?
Adult: Gardens are to fields as Ben Franklin is to Sam’s Club.
Child:  What’s wrong with Ben Franklin?
Adult: It closed.
Child:  Why?
Adult: Pamida won.
Child:  Who is going to do something about Pamida?
Adult: Walmart.
Child:  Where does wheat come from?
Adult: A seed.
Child:  Where does the seed come from?
Adult: Wheat.
Child:  Where does wheat… oh.
Child:  Where does Wheat come from?
Adult: The bottom of a Wheaties box.
Child:  How does it get there?
Adult: Famous Athletes.
Child:  How do you know they are famous?
Adult: Didn’t you see them on the box?
Child:  Why would famous people want to associate with Walmart and circular reasoning?
Adult: Are you for real? Ask your mother.

*Names and dialog have been changed to protect fictional characters.  Not based on actual events – except the Ben Franklin bit. — Wheat stock image inspired by Pipe Dream.

Silhouette in Field of Stubble

Wheat Stubble and Friends to be Wed - Near Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

  1. Alex Amiot says:

    You seem to suggest that I’m scraping the bottom of the box for a story. Your comment concerns me… my kids will be two generations removed from the farm. Will there be any hope for them?

  2. Nancy says:

    I laughed out loud several times! So funny. Took me a while before I saw ‘immature bread.’ That was the last laugh.

    I reminisce when I think of shopping for toys and birthday presents at Ben Franklin. Probably the reason Ben Franklin in Crookston closed is because all the Baby Boomer’s kids grew up and didn’t need Legos anymore.

    The wheat causes a stirring in my memory. But I shake my head at your ‘twist.’ My Dad was a wheat farmer; I was a farm girl but somehow Alex ‘the city boy’ can make a story about wheat in the bottom of a Wheaties box! You have a good sense of humor! Maybe it helps that both your parents were farm kids. I’m glad you can at least identify a wheat field.

    Well, the adult did tell you to ask your mother.