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Pipe Dream - vector wire spin

Pipe Dream

Take two pipe cleaners side by side.  Hold them by the ends and twist in opposite directions.  That spiral look is what I was going for in the image to the left.

Motley Challenge - Foundation

The foundation of Pipe Dream

My Motley friend Matthew and I were appreciating some metal work based on this pipe cleaner concept just the other day.  The remark was made that it might be difficult to achieve such an effect in Illustrator.

I call it the Motley Challenge.

After achieving some success with the rudimentary black and grey pipe cleaner spiral, I wondered what else I could make using the basic curves that I built the twisted pipes from.

By horizontally stretching an element from the foundation of Pipe Dream and copying it across the vertical axis, I discovered a mustache.  A little more doodling and it began to resemble my dad’s 1970’s senior picture.

Motley Challenge - My dad

My dad - circa 1973

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