Gears of Love

Posted: 12th February 2012 by Alex Amiot in Adobe Illustrator
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Spinning the gears of my heart.
Gears of Love Vector Heart Adobe Illustrator Valentine's Day

Gears of Love - I hope to animate it someday.

We’re different, but it’s fun when Julia enjoys things that I enjoy.  Things like Waterdeep, Rhett and Link, Julian Smith, Aaron Espe, North Dakota, Minnesota, and loons.

Tonight she broiled T-bone steak , made baked potatoes, and prepared some incredible asparagus topped with shredded parmesan.  Dear, feel free to make that again anytime.

She joined me for lunch twice this weekend, effectively brightening an otherwise dreary Saturday and Sunday on the job.

She has been indispensible in our effort to learn to budget and spend wisely.

She awakened my taste buds to the joys of fried onions, spicy food, and some German dishes like fleischkuekle and others that I can’t pronounce or spell.

Happy Couple Winter Frost

Photo Credit: Ben Nash Photography -

She makes me smile.  She makes me proud.  She makes me who I am (that is, at least the better half of me).

Happy Valentines Week.  Te iubesc.

  1. Your Sister says:

    Ahh, I’m so glad my little brother loves his wife so much. And I really enjoy that you married someone I enjoy so much too!