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Good old brush, gradient, gaussian blur, and live paint tool.

I could have benefited from a to-do or will-do list yesterday.  Instead I just went with it.  The result:  A relaxing but much less productive Saturday than I had hoped for.

I’m sure I would’ve made better use yesterday’s time if I had resisted the urge to just go with it, but I’m also very thankful for some past decisions I’ve made while armed with the “just go with it” type of optimism and flexibility.  In August 2008, with four years of college left, I didn’t have a permanent college job, I didn’t have post-college career plans, and I was nervous as anything, but I asked Julia to marry me.  She went with it.

Do you see the sock-puppet-like image in the sky below and to the left of the pelican flock?  After some experimenting with noses and beaks on Mr. Sock, I came upon something that vaguely resembled the head of a pelican.  I went with it.

The resulting flock is far from a masterpiece, but isn’t it also far from Mr. Sock?  So I say just go with it, but do so in moderation.

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