Easy? Fail. Score!

Posted: 26th January 2012 by Alex Amiot in Adobe Illustrator
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Sometimes easy is hard

If you start your vehicle and go back in the house, you should either return to your vehicle and travel someplace, or just shut the thing off.  Easy.

For the second time in three weeks, I let the pickup run through the night.  Fail.

But despite my inadequacies and mishaps, good is still possible.  This morning the pickup was still running, which means I wasted gas, but the tank wasn’t empty, and rather than the battery being dead like it was two posts below, the battery was fully charged and as happy as it had ever been.  Score.

While the forgotten pickup was burning through fossil fuels last night, I was at the computer.  I figured that if you want to color the vine shape that this guy showed me how to create in Adobe Illustrator, you should be able to use a tool like the old MS Paint fill-with-color paint bucket.  Easy.

It turns out that selecting all the objects in the vine shape to the right and applying a color gradient to them gave each branch its own awkward gradient, rather than one gradient running nicely through the whole vine.  Fail.

As it turns out, this other guy on YouTube knows more illustrator tricks than a noob like me, and he clued me in on what’s called the Shape Builder tool.  The tool let me make one object from many, which took away my ability to adjust the position of the branches, but at least it allowed me to apply one gradient to the whole vine.  Score.

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